Why Testing is Necessary – Give Reasons Prepare Interview

Why Testing is Necessary – Give Reasons

Why Testing is Needed is asked by interviewer many times and on that time we just give the answer but not in proper way so interviewer get frustrated because they do not get the exact answer on Why do we need Testing?

Here I am trying to give you the exact answer on Why Testing is Essential and simply you like the post and learn a lot from it.
Why Software Testing is Necessary – Reasons
Below is given some reasons which clearly show Why Software Testing is Necessary and what things we have to consider in testing.
Testing is Essential because of the following reasons:
1. Testing is always needed for correctly understand the fault errors in software during its development phases.
2. It is necessary because it always ensures the users or customers satisfaction and reliability of the application.
3. It is needed in software development to increase the reliability and quality of the software.
4. Testing is needed to provide the various facilities to the users like delivery of high quality software or application, lower maintenance costs and more accurate and reliable results also.
5. Testing is necessary because of effective optimum performance of system and capacity utilization, software reliability, quality, and system or application assurance.
6. It is necessary because it is including in the project plan, and to stay in business.
7. It is needed to prove that software or application has no faults, because failures can be very expensive in nature.
8. Software Testing is needed to learn more about the reliability of the software and application.
Software is likely to have faults so testing is needed to avoid these faults early as well as soon as possible.

So this is all I understand about Why do we need Software Testing and now it’s your turn because if you know more points to show than you can definitely show your points in the below comments section and also you can give suggestions for further improving the post. 


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Why Testing is Necessary – Give Reasons
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