Why are so few Westerns made these days?

Why are so few Westerns made these days?

It seems like there hasn’t been a good western since Hateful Eight (2015), which I personally loved, and No Country for Old Men (2007), which, arguably, is right on the fringe and considered by many not to be a true western (set in 1980 — nearly 100 years after the settings for many of the “true” westerns). Even I would argue one of the overarching themes of NCfOM is “the times, they are a-chaging”. The time of the cowboy, sheriff, and outlaw are dead. anyway, Both these films are in my top movies all time

So is Dances with Wolves, another great film, from 1990. Tombstone (1993), another great one but the trend just seems to be that they’re less and less popular?

My point is basically this: westerns seem fewer and further between although the majority of the most recent have been fantastic. And with the level of detail, cgi, special effects for aging, etc that we have now it just really surprises me there aren’t more westerns.

I know Killers of the Flower Moon, the new novel-based scorcese film is going to be set in the early 20th century Oklahoma but it’s mostly a murder-mystery type from what i understand but maybe we get a western vibe?

still, I mean idk why someone doesn’t do a modern take on battle of little bighorn and the events that led to it, could be incredible with cgi — or Jesse James’ story: former confederate soldier turned outlaw from Missouri who, in his mind, never surrendered to the north. Or billy the kid, although brief his story is amazing.. Wyatt Earp (has an exciting past even before moving to tombstone, az) but also has been featured somewhat recently but regardess. butch cassidy and co, who have a pretty amazing story that no one for sure knows how it ended, etc…

Or the plethora or original ideas that could be made! Look at Josey Wales (1973 – Clint Eastwood )

Oh wait, nvm I forgot Hollywood has forgotten how to be original haha /s

Why do you guys think westerns are becoming a genre of the past? And would you be interested in a western if it were done today?

Edit: my bad I totally spaced on Ballad of Buster Scruggs, which I absolutely love. I love it so much and consider it such a peice of art that I really don’t view it as a western. I get that many of the skits do qualify but the way it was done , in my mind, it’s just such a unique film it didn’t even come to mind when I thought of “western”, was thinking more traditional, Clint Eastwood western

Wait is that it? Maybe it’s just cuz we don’t have Old Faithful anymore 🙁 we need to discover age reversing technology before Clint passes 🙁

Edit 2: it’s funny everyone seems to have a different reason xD maybe it’s a multitude of em but it makes me more optimistic that there isn’t some single, obvious fatal wound that is unfixable

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