What is Random Testing with example? Prepare Interview

What is Random Testing with example?

Testing Basic Interview Questions : What is Random Testing with example?

is also confused with Monkey and GorillaTesting but it is obviously different from Monkey Testing and Gorilla Testing.
Here I am writing the post on Random
which clears what a Random Testing is and how it is different from
Monkey and Gorilla Testing.
Random Testing – Complete Guidance
is a black box test design technique where
test cases are always selected randomly means by using an algorithm named
pseudo random generation, which is used to match an operational profile. This
technique of Random Testing is
always used for non functional testing attributes such as performance and
reliability points.
Random Testing Approach and Method
As the name gives you the answer there is
no specific approach to perform the Random Testing because it is an ad-hoc way
of software testing. In Random Testing tester always picks some modules
randomly to test by giving inputting random values.
Random Testing is a method which is always
used to exercise a class. Random Testing is totally based on developing a
randomly based test sequence that always tries the minimum number of operations
usually to the behavior of the class.
Random Testing Example – Proper Guidance
Below is given the best example on Random Testing which clears more means
what a Random Testing is all about.
For example you are testing a website which
is full of images means website is totally based on images and there is less
content on that. Now as you know it is time consuming to test all the images so
you randomly select some images to test than it is Random Testing.
Suppose there is a page name Samsung Mobile
and there are fifty images on it so it is almost impossible to test all these
images manually but you test the images randomly to check whether they are
displaying properly or not means there is no broken images on that page. You
test the images randomly like firstly you test the first image than you leave
the next two images than you test the 4th image and so on.
So in this way you perform the Random Testing by testing the images
randomly means you do not test all the images instead you test it randomly.
What you say – Feedback Welcomed
This is all I know regarding Random Testing now what you say about
this testing means how much you like the post and what suggestions you want to
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What is Random Testing with example?
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