Visa Internship Process Prepare

Visa Internship Process


Eligibility: 7.0 and above (No active Backlog)

Branches allowed​: B Tech – CSE, IT, ECE, EE

Job Profile​: ​Software Development Engineer

Job Location: ​Bangalore

Stipend:  ​50,000 per month

Provision of PPO: ​Yes (CTC = 18.71 LPA)


It was an online coding contest conducted on HackerRank platform. The duration of the contest was 90 minutes.

The contest consists of four coding questions of varying difficulty. The questions were:

1. First question was simple ad hoc type question.

2. Given a string S consisting of lowercase alphabets. Find number of substring such that it consists of all 5 vowels

in a string. Length of string can be 10^5.

( With the help of map data structure problem can be easily solved.)

3. Given a string S. A query will be given of type (l, r, x). Find number of palindromic substring from l to r of length equals x.

Length of the string can be 10^5 and number of queries will be 10^5. ( Manachar’s algorithm based question.)

4. “Modified Knapsack type problem”. The main trick in this question was its constraint. Number of items were 30

and maximum capacity value can be 10^9.

( Due to its constraint dp cannot be formed. So you have to write recursive based solution of knapsack which even submit

successfully due to weaker test cases.)

I was able to solve three question successfully and one partially.


 After three days company visited our campus and on the basis of number of questions solved 20 students were shortlisted

for interview round. Usually two rounds used to happen in an interview but due to time constraint I only have one round.

It was a Technical cum HR round.

The interviewer already has my resume so while going through my resume he asked me to tell me about myself and

my interest (academically). I told him about myself and mentioned my interest in “Data Structure and Algorithms.”

Then based on my interest he asked me to explain Breadth First Search and Depth First Search algorithms in graph

and write code and what are their applications. Then he asked me to write a function to represent Binary Tree in

Linked List form and array form and generalised this for N-ary Tree and how to convert into other one if one form

is given to you. After this he asked me about Topological Sorting and its applications. He even asked about Top Down and

Bottom Up Dynamic Programming. After this he again went through my resume and asked me about my project and what

technologies and frameworks I used in project and asked me to explain database design that I used in my project.

Then he asked me about my interest apart from academics and about hostel life etc.

The round went for about an hour.


Next morning result came. Nine students including me got selected for Visa Internship.

 Suggestions/Tips: – 

1. Have through knowledge of data structure and algorithms.

2. In technical interview ask questions with interview to get full clarified about what type of solution they want. Ask about constraints, time limit and boundary cases.

3. Don’t sit quite in an interview as this creates negative impact on the interviewer.

4. Know your resume and mention only those thing which you can explain properly.

5. Be confident in technical interview and have each and every details like time limit and memory limit of your proposed solution.

                                                                                                     Gaurav Srivastava                                                                                 ECE Batch of 2021


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Visa Internship Process
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