System Testing Example – Complete Guide Prepare Interview

System Testing Example – Complete Guide

Testing Basic Interview Questions : System Testing Example – Complete Guide

System Testing Example is very simple one because the name system itself gives the answer that in System Testing we have to test the complete system. In System Testing we test the both Functional as well as Non Functional parameters of Software Testing.

Here I am showing you System Testing Example in a practical way and hope as a tester you did this Example every day in your company environment.
Below is given the Example of System Testing and after seen the example definitely you do not have any issues left in your mind because example is completely relates to real world.
System Testing Example – Step by Step Guide
For example you are doing testing on a web application of a school and in this web application there are many modules like Teacher Module, Staff Module, Parent Module, Student Module, and Admin Module and so on. Now you have to do System Testing on a web application of a school, so your criteria for doing System Testing will be like that which is given below:
1. First you test the GUI related issues on all these above mentioned modules by checking that font size, alignment, display images should work properly on all the modules.
2. Now after checking the GUI issues you move towards functionality related issues by checking that the requirements of client have been met or not.
3. After checking functionality you can check whether the application is user friendly or not by checking that proper error message should be displayed on screen or not. In this Usability Testing you test the system means application by keeping users in mind because if the application is not user friendly than client will not accept the application because in application apart from functionality, user friendliness is also very important.
Note: So in this way you can do the System Testing and above mentioned points on System Testing Example is general one but criteria for doing system testing may vary from company to company. Keep one thing in mind that, System Testing includes functional as well as non functional testing both.
So above mentioned points are totally related to Functional Testing and apart from that points you can also perform Regression, Re- Testing, Compatibility, Look and Feel, Navigation Testing and many other which can comes under Functional Testing. We just doing the 3 general points like GUI, Functionality, Usability but you can do many.
Now we proceeded towards non functional testing because non functional testing is also a part of System Testing. So we test the Performance, Volume, Load, Stress related issues on all the above mentioned modules, so this is the non functional testing done by us on all above modules.
So when you test the both Functional and Non Functional testing on all the modules which I mentioned above that means you have test the complete system as a whole means you did the System Testing on above modules. But keep one thing in mind that before doing the System Testing a system must be Integrated tested before, otherwise if the system is not integrated tested than definitely you waste your time by doing the System Testing.
Your turn regarding this Example
Now it’s your turn what you say about System Testing Example and if you know more examples on System Testing, than discuss it here so that others can learn some good points from you also. You can also give your valuable feedback for further improving the post.


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System Testing Example – Complete Guide
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