Syntax Testing in Software Testing with Example Prepare Interview

Syntax Testing in Software Testing with Example

Syntax Testing in Software Testing means it is widely used software testing term. It is done in White Box Testing by using some tools or by manually depending on the nature of the project. As you know Syntax Testing is used in White Box Testing so it is obviously done by developers.
Not in all the situations it can be done by developers, it can also be done by the testers if they are skilled testers mean white box testers.
As developers are doing this testing Therefore the developers should be responsible for running a syntax check before releasing their code to QA team.
In this testing, we test the syntax of the programming languages. As syntax of the every programming languages is almost different so criteria for doing Syntax Testing is also different on these programming languages.
Syntax Testing in Software Testing Example – php language
Below is given the example of Syntax Testing which clears what is syntax testing? And what things we have to check in this testing is also given below.
For example we are doing the Syntax Testing of php language than here we check whether the syntax is proper or not by checking the starting and ending tag syntax of php language. As you know starting tag of php is <?php and ending tag is ?> so in this case we check whether the starting tag (<?php) is OK or not and we also check whether the ending tag (?>) is also OK or not.
So this is the Syntax Testing of php language has done by developers and testers. And in the same way we can test the Syntax of Asp language also which is given below.
Syntax Testing Example – Asp language
In the above example you can see the Syntax Testing of php language now we move towards Asp means how to test the Syntax of the Asp language.
As you know Starting tag of Asp is <? and ending tag of Asp is ?> so here we can test whether the starting and ending tag Syntax of Asp is OK or not. So this is the Syntax Testing done by us on Asp language.
Please note that Syntax of various languages are different so testing may vary accordingly to programming languages we used. And generally in this testing, we test whether the syntax is Ok or not like ?,.>< and so on, means all this syntax are in appropriate place or not. And according to me, Syntax Testing is usually done by the development team.

At last we conclude that this is all I know Syntax Testing in Software Testing with example, and if you know more than you can discuss with me in the below comments section. You can also give your suggestions for improving the post also.


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Syntax Testing in Software Testing with Example
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