Samsung (R&D) Internship Process Prepare

Samsung (R&D) Internship Process

It was an on campus Coding contest of 3 hours conducted on Samsung SWC Test software having only one question

of 10 test cases. The question was :-

Given an equation,

Y = a*x + b*x*floor (log2 n) + cx^3 and a variable K

1 <= a, b <= 100, 0<=c<=100, Y<2^63 – 1, x>=1

a, b and c are also given

We have to find the value of x for which Y=K, but as values for Y and K are very large, simple linear search for the

value x would only solve few test cases but binary search would work fine for all test cases.

Those who solved all the test cases were shortlisted for further rounds. 25+ students got shortlisted.

Technical cum HR round. (Duration : 45 minutes)

Interview started with the interviewer asking me to relax as I was seemingly nervous. He then asked for my resume

and asked me what courses have I studied till the last sem. Then he asked which one’s my favorite. I replied

Data Structures but he asked me to say apart from that. I was a bit confused by that time because I was appearing

for a software position and all the other subjects I mentioned was core subjects of ECE. But the interviewer told

me that since I cleared the online test I must be knowing software related things so he would ask questions from

my favorite course other than DS. I told him that I like Signals and Systems and then he asked a series of basic

questions from that subject like the steps in Analog to Digital Conversion, Fourier Transform, sampling,

Nyquist rate, quantization, etc. I guess I answered 60% of the questions correctly.

After this he asked me some general questions like why Samsung ? How will you contribute as an employee?

What all technologies you are interested in ? etc. Most of my answers were inclined towards implementing

DS Algo in all the technologies. I did mention of machine learning but when he asked if I know about any of the

ML algorithms, I said that I don’t.

At last, he asked me a coding question :

-> Given an array of integers, find the three minimum and three maximum elements in minimum number of comparisons.

(Complexity <O(n))

I told him about the various approach I could think of like using heap, etc. He gave me a hint that it can be solved by

divide and conquer method. I told him about a kind of merge sort algorithm but he was not satisfied. Then he briefly

told me the approach to the solution.

At last he asked if I had any question questions for him, I asked him about the technologies Samsung is

working on, he replied and asked if I have any further questions for him, I asked what does he expect from

an intern to which he replied that they should be good in their subjects(ECE in my case).
After this, I had very little hope of getting selected.

After few hours, the result came out and 4 students including me got selected for the internship role at Samsung R&D.

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Samsung (R&D) Internship Process
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