RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview – Virat Kohli, Win?

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

Malolan Rangarajan – Fielding Coach says to team…

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

“ I said in our meeting before, I think the work you( RCB tream ) guys have been putting in has been impeccable but today we try to address what happens after the ball has been hit, after the throw comes in.

So we’re going to be talking about positioning and will be working on our positioning today.

So we’ll have a centrifugal drill going through cat and I will be two hitters. We’ll have a fields four on the boundary and four inside the circle.

Today’s drill is all about getting the good positions, there might may not be too much volume in terms of catching or building, but we do a lot of volume when it comes to positioning ourselves.

One righty hits next ball, then position yourself for a left-hander so that it keeps our intensity high enough.”

Glenn Maxwell says to team…

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

“It’s actually covering the angles and talking to your teammate beside you.

So you know that the person who’s at the stumps, they’re taking the straight one you’ve got your angles covered up you’re taking a ricochet there’s always some directly behind as well.

So if we can actually help out while we’re in the ring just trying to get involved somehow because that’s going to be important to come back into this tournament every run is going to be crucial it could make the difference

So if we can keep continuing to do those little things really well on the ring just helping out our helping our teammates helping our bowler as well it’s going to go a long way taking us forward if we keep getting good habits like that it’s going to put us in good stead right throughout the tournament but we saw some improvement there just making sure we’re helping each other out covering different angles. ”

Adam Zampa says

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

“ It’s so nice to be out of quarantine obviously it’s been tough going for everyone that’s had to do.

Kane richardson and  I came a little bit late um spent seven days in quarantine and now we’re obviously the game last game see the boys win the second game.

Out training today it’s been a bit of a shock to the system to be honest with you obviously there’s been a bit of rain here in the last couple of days. So the humidity’s high and yeah it’s been a bit of a surprise to the body actually.

It’s been nice obviously the conditions here have been you know your training gets pushed forward pretty quickly obviously there’s a bit of heat and your fitness takes a little bit of a while to get back.”

Kane Richardson says

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

“It takes a while to get used to first of all just being outside but the weather as well it’s a bit different than where we just come from. So it’s obviously nice to be around the boys and back into training and everyone looks in you know good form and good spirit. So it’s great to be around the camp.

Especially as a fast bowler it takes a little while to find your feet. So yeah I’ll be better for the run and hopefully in the next few days  I can get some more work done.”

Simon Katich ( Head coach ) says to team

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

“It’s a nice situation to be in the fact that a lot of our guys have been performing well in practice and in all practice games and you know Rajat was very unlucky to miss out the last game. He hadn’t done much wrong he looked good in the first game he’s played beautifully in all the practice matches but we just felt we needed an extra left-hand batsman particularly with nadeem and rasheed and also having a left arm orthodox option and you know Shabaz was magnificent last game with ball.

So look it will be an interesting selection but  I think the guys know that the team comes first and when we pick a team it’s based on who we think is the right balance team to beat the opposition on that given day and KKR are a different team.

They’ve got a lot of power they do have a lot of spinners and they’ve got some very good quick so we’ve got to make sure we’ve got the right balance for this Chennai wicket so we’ll have that discussion in the next day or so and finalise it on sunday when we get to the ground and see the wicked and see what we’re up against.”

Mike Hesson ( RCB cricket operation head)

RCB v KKR IPL 2021 Game Day Preview

“We start to know how chipot’s playing now, likely to be a used surface again so that will provide some uh you know different questions for us as a selection group so yeah look it’s a nice problem.

Look he’s ( addressing Maxwell ) doing a great job he’s doing what you know the coaches asked of him and the captain in terms of just sharing the load a little bit.

You know when you’re camping out there you’ve got so much going on you need other people to to stand up and and take ownership as well so great maxy is doing that you know there’s other players in the team as well but he’s certainly taking that responsibility and with the bat you know he’s been outstanding to start with so but it’s more the way he’s gone about it. It doesn’t always guarantee success but  I think the way he’s gone about it’s been excellent.”

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