PHP Open Source CRM Software complete code solution

PHP Open Source CRM Software

PHP Open Source CRM Software

in this php project demo you will see what you can do with this CRM ( Customer relationship management ) project build with PHP and JavaScript programming Language and MySQL Database.

this Responsive Web Based Application allow you to mange projects, sales, tasks, Reports and more.

– Apache server.
– PHP programming Language.
– JavaScript programming Language.
– MySQL Database.

– CodeIgniter.

Watch This Full Demo

1 – Login Form With Google reCaptcha

this form allow users to login into the backend and manage the application

PHP CRM Software - login form

if you forgot your password you can reset it by entering your email address and click “confirm” button.

PHP CRM Software - forgot password

if you enter the correct data, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.

2 – Dashboard Page

the dashboard page contains two navigation system 

1 – sideBar

PHP CRM Software - menu

2 – top bar

PHP CRM Software - navbar

from this menu you can change the language, logout, view you notifications, view your profile / edit profile

PHP CRM Software - profile
PHP CRM Software - profile
PHP CRM Software - profile

view your to do list

PHP CRM Software - to do list

Now, in the dashboard page you will see your tasks, to-do list, invoice overview, contract expiring soon and more.

3 – Customers

you can view all customers.

import customers.

add a new customer.

PHP CRM Software - customers

– Add Customer

PHP CRM Software - add customer

4 – Sales

– here you can manage Proposals

PHP CRM Software - sales

manage invoices

PHP CRM Software - invoices

and much more ( payments, Credit Notes, Items … )

5 – Expenses

here you can record projects expenses and invoices and bill your customers.

PHP CRM Software - expenses
PHP CRM Software - expenses

5 – Contracts

here you can view all contracts, contracts by value/type.

you can add new contracts based on your clients.

PHP CRM Software - contracts

PHP CRM Software - add contract

– add a new contract.

6 – Projects

here you can manage projects, track time spent by each staff member.

you can select a project from the list to view more informations.

also you can add new project for a customer and assign it to the member you want.

PHP CRM Software - projects

select a project

PHP CRM Software - select project

add a new project.

PHP CRM Software - add new project
PHP CRM Software - add new project

6 – Tasks

here you can view all the tasks and their status ( in progress, complet, testing…. ), assign task to multiple employees.

PHP CRM Software - tasks

add a new task.

PHP CRM Software - add new task

7 – Support

here where you create tickets, and view opened tickets for which projects, view tickets replies and more.

PHP CRM Software - support
PHP CRM Software - support

8 – Leads

here you can keep track of  all your leads.

PHP CRM Software - leads

add a new lead

PHP CRM Software - add new lead

9 – Utilities

here you can manage anouncements, goals, surveys, calendar, media and more


PHP CRM Software - utilities - calendar


PHP CRM Software - utilities - media

9 – Reports

here you can view reports on:

– Sales.

– Expenses.

– Leads.


PHP CRM Software - utilities - report


PHP CRM Software - utilities - leads


PHP CRM Software - utilities - expenses
PHP CRM Software - utilities - expenses

10 – The Front

PHP CRM Software - Front

if you want the source code click on the download button below

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PHP Open Source CRM Software
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