Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Update


Pandya Store

Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Episode Written Update Serial By Star Plus. Read Pandya Store 11 June 2021 (11/06/2021) Written Updates With

Summary Main Story: Pandya Store Main Story Still Has To Come Please Hold On with us…

Newscast Live Days: Monday To Saturday

Tv Show Language: Hindi

Current Begin Update: 11th June 2021:(11/06/2021)

Read Pandya Store 11 June 2021 Written Episode update on Our Official site Now, Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Krish requests that Gautam persuade Suman.

Gautam discloses to Suman that he adores Dhara definitely and can’t survive without her, yet on the off chance that Suman needs Dhara to leave, he will not stop her. Dhara shouldn’t have rebuffed them like that, yet the effect of that discipline is apparent on everybody. Raavi, who used to abhor Shiva, stood firm when Shiva got offended and washes Shiva’s garments.

Rishita, who consistently stood independently, saved the entire family. This puja is saved for family’s tranquility and solidarity. Before the puja closes, their family joined once more. Dhara could be a miscreant before her eyes, yet she lives just for them. On the off chance that she actually considers Dhara isn’t right, he will not stop Dhara.

He tells that he will drop Dhara at the railroad station. Suman needs to go with him as she doesn’t confide in him. The family goes to Dhara. Suman gets down on Dhara and tells that she will not let her flee like her mother. She admonishes Dhara and inquires as to why she didn’t request her pardoning and attempt to persuade her.

Dhara tells that she regards Suman’s words, so she’s leaving. Suman said then who will sit in the puja, in the event that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea, no one but couple can sit in the puja.

Dhara rushes to Suman and embraces her crying. Dhara apologizes to Suman. Anita requests that Prafula effectively send Dhara. Prafula requests that Anita shut up as she, at the end of the day, doesn’t comprehend what’s going on. Suman ruined everything.

Suman tells that she’s easy-going her this time and jokes that she will break her leg, on the off chance that she rehashes this. Suman requests that Dhara guarantee that she will consistently keep her family joined together. Dhara vows to Suman. They all offer a gathering embrace while Yadon ki barath plays in the BG.

The cleric comes to them and tells that the favorable time has passed. Suman tells that really the genuine happy time has begun now. Gautam-Dhara, Dev-Rishita and Shiva-Raavi play out the puja. Shiva and Raavi take Suman’s gifts. She wants them to be consistently cheerful and together. Dev takes Suman’s endowments. Suman’s calls Rishita to take her gifts with Dev. Suman hits Rishita on the shoulder and makes her twist appropriately.

She tells this is the way gifts ought to be taken. She adds that now Rishita is truly become her girl-in-law and reminds Rishita that she’s super mother by marriage and Dhara is her aide. Rishita apologizes to Suman and Dhara. They all stand together to click a family photograph. Suman advises Anita to move away as she doesn’t have a place with her family. Anita promises to wed Gautam and be a piece of this family photograph.

The family sits to have food. Suman inquires as to whether the threesome made the food together. Rishita assurres Suman yes. Rishita goes to bring kheer. Dev concocts a rationalization and goes to Rishita. He is sorry to Rishita for reproving her and tells thanks to her for not leaving him.

Rishita tells that she’s his significant other and will not leave him. She will remain here as it were. Dev said with his family. She gestures yes. Dev takes care of her kheer. They share a grin.

At the dining table, Shiva prods Raavi. Rishita giggles. The family joins her. Shiva grumbles that Raavi served him less food. Raavi requests that he serve himself. Suman tells that from now on Shiva ought to eat what Raavi will serve him. This is the means by which connection works. Raavi will learn with time. Shiva and Raavi share a grin.

Prafula brings Turmeric milk for Anita and mourns that the video she made is went to no end. Anita irately will not drink the milk. Prafula tells that she can comprehend that she’s in stun, yet she prompted her that she can’t separate Gautam and Dhara.

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Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Update
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