Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

You are given a very large integer n, represented as a string,​​​​​​ and an integer digit x. The digits in n and the digit x are in the inclusive range [1, 9], and n may represent a negative number.

You want to maximize n‘s numerical value by inserting x anywhere in the decimal representation of n​​​​​​. You cannot insert x to the left of the negative sign.

  • For example, if n = 73 and x = 6, it would be best to insert it between 7 and 3, making n = 763.
  • If n = -55 and x = 2, it would be best to insert it before the first 5, making n = -255.

Return a string representing the maximum value of n​​​​​​ after the insertion.

Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

Example 1: Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

Input: n = "99", x = 9
Output: "999"
Explanation: The result is the same regardless of where you insert 9.

Example 2: Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

Input: n = "-13", x = 2
Output: "-123"
Explanation: You can make n one of {-213, -123, -132}, and the largest of those three is -123.

Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

Constraints: Maximum Value after Insertion solution leetcode

  • 1 <= n.length <= 105
  • 1 <= x <= 9
  • The digits in n​​​ are in the range [1, 9].
  • n is a valid representation of an integer.
  • In the case of a negative n,​​​​​​ it will begin with '-'.


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