Mathworks Internship Process Prepare

Mathworks Internship Process

Mathworks Internship Interview questions


CPI cut-off :  5.0 and above
Branches allowed : CSE, IT, ECE, EE
Job Profile : Intern in Engg. Development Group
Job Location : Bangalore, Hyderabad
Stipend : 38,000 per month
Additional Perks: 2 weeks of Temporary Stay, 2-Way Flight Tickets


It was an online test of moderate difficulty with 8 MCQ questions related to Data Structures, C++, Java and 2 coding question which were easy to medium in difficulty. The coding questions were related to hashing, string and sortings.

There were different sets for different people.

After the test, 11 people were shortlisted for the interview- 8 from CS/IT , 2 from ECE and 1 from Electrical.


HR Interview Round
The interview starts with the usual questions like “Tell me something about yourself ?”. Then,
the interviewer asked me something related to my projects. After few other basic HR questions,
the interview finished.

Results :

Finally, 6 students(ECE-2, IT-2, CSE-1, EE-1) got selected including me for the internship at

Jyotirmay Mishra
EE Batch of 2021


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Mathworks Internship Process
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