LinkedIn Internship Process Prepare

LinkedIn Internship Process

LinkedIn Internship Interview questions


Courses Allowed : CSE, IT

Eligibility : 5 CPI and above

Job Profile : Software Engineering Intern

Location: Bangalore

Provision of PPO : Yes

CTC: 22 LPA(if PPO offered)


It was an online test of 2:00 hours hosted on hackerrank consisting of 4 coding problems. Overall, the first three questions varied from easy to moderate in difficulty while the last problem was solved by only 4 students including me.

The coding questions were:

1. It was based on min heap. Don’t remember the actual problem.

2. Given an array, you have to find the number of ways to color it using three colors so that no two consecutive cells have the same color. (solved using DP).

3. Find the number of form 3 x 5 y in the range [L,R]. (Solved using BFS with heap)

4. In this problem a very long rule for generating a sequence of numbers was given, we were asked to generate the Nth number in that sequence. The trick in this question was that the given rule itself was irrelevant and only the final sequence mattered. The sequence was actually standard Gray code and the problem boiled down to finding the Nth Gray code.

A total of six students were shortlisted for the next round.


Technical Interview Round (F2F round on video call):

The interviewer introduced himself and talked about the work he did at LinkedIn. I was then asked the usual question “Tell me something about yourself ?“. He asked me a little about my project and then proceeded to the coding problems. I was given two problems:

1. I was given the sequence: 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211 …………..

The interviewer asked me to predict the next number. I quickly identified the pattern and answered the next number. I was then asked to write code for finding the Nth number.

2. Given a BST check if there exists two nodes with sum equal to x.

I solved it by getting the inorder traversal of the BST and then using two pointers to

check for the sum. I was asked to code the approach.

After coding the first approach the interviewer demanded me to reduce the space

complexity of my solution. I proposed a solution using two stacks one doing inorder

traversal and the other doing reverse inorder traversal. I was not asked to code this

approach as we had little time left. I was then given a chance to ask questions to the interviewer. The round ended after this.

Note : Other candidates were asked three questions, the other question was based on sliding window.

Results :

Finally, 4 students were selected including me for the internship role at LinkedIn.

Suggestions/Tips :-

1. Write clean code with meaningful variable and method names.

2. Try to explain your approach before writing the code.

3. Think about the edge cases and include them in your code.

CSE BATCH of 2021


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LinkedIn Internship Process
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