JP Morgan and Chase Internship Process Prepare

JP Morgan and Chase Internship Process

JP Morgan Internship


Eligibility: 7.0 and above (No active Backlog) 

Branches allowed: CSE, IT, ECE, EE

Job Profile: Software Development Engineer 

Job Location: Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad 

Stipend: 50,000 per month 


It was an online coding contest conducted on HackerRank platform. The duration of the contest was 90 minutes. The contest consists of two coding questions of varying difficulty. The questions were: 

1. First question was printing matrix in spiral manner. This was easy and 40 marks were allotted to it. 

2. “Modified Josephus problem”. This was a tad difficult since it involved movement in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction.60 marks were allotted to this question.

I was able to solve one question successfully and 2 test cases of the second one did not pass. I was awarded partial marks for it. 


On the basis of the online test score, 50 students were shortlisted for interview round. There were 3 rounds in interview. 

First round-Technical round (40 mins) 

He asked me to introduce myself. Since I am from electronics background, his first question was how much data structures and algorithms do I know. For answering such questions, I will suggest that you mention only the parts in which you are confident that you will be able to answer any question from it. Your honesty is tested in such types of questions. He started my technical round with the Tower of Hanoi problem. He asked me to provide both the iterative and recursive solutions and we had a discussion on which one is better regarding time complexity and space complexity. Then he asked me which my favourite data structure is. I answered that it is stack. So he asked me to write the code of a very simple problem-“To check whether the parenthesis are balanced or not”. Make sure that you speak out loud while writing the code and let the interviewer also know what you are thinking. Then he asked about IS-A relationship and HAS-A relationship from C++ OOPs portion. 

Second round-Technical +Project round (40 mins) 

The interviewer immediately realized after seeing my resume that I am a web developer, so the first question he asked me was from SQL.He asked me the difference between Union and Union All. He then went on to ask questions from bitwise operators. He asked me to write the code to determine whether a number is even or odd using bitwise operators. He then asked to write down the code for deletion of a given key from circular doubly linked list. Finally he asked me to draw the complete database schema of one of my 2 projects, which was written in my resume. 

Third round (HR round)(20 mins)

I was called for the HR round, just 5 minutes after my second round ended. He asked me why I am interested in software despite being from electronics background. I have a fairly good cpi, so he also questioned me regarding how do I manage to do both core and software. He asked me to explain one of my projects such that a layman would also understand. He basically wanted to know the utility of the product which I had made and how it would be helpful to anyone. He also asked why I had joined MNNIT Allahabad and why not NIT Durgapur (since I am from Durgapur) and how did I adjust myself to the new culture. Finally to conclude the interview he asked me whether I had any questions for him. Make sure that you have your personalized questions ready since almost in every interview this question is asked. 


Three students including me got selected for JP Morgan and Chase Internship. 

Suggestions/Tips: – 

1. Since first impression is the last impression, make sure that you are confident while answering the introductory question which will mostly be to introduce yourself. Don’t forget to greet the interviewer before starting the interview and while leaving. 

2. Think aloud while proposing any solution to any technical interview question and make sure you ask questions to the interviewer regarding the details of the questions (like constraints).This will help you to get closer to the solution which the interviewer actually desires from you. 

3. Read your resume well while preparation so that you can cover every aspect of it and be honest in your resume. 

ECE Batch of 2021


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JP Morgan and Chase Internship Process
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