JAVA – Dashboard Design In Netbeans complete code solution

JAVA – Dashboard Design In Netbeans

How To Design an Application Dashboard In Java NetBeans

JAVA Dashboard Design

in this java swing tutorial we will see how to make a dashboard design to use it on your application inĀ java programming language and netbeans.


– java programming language.

– netbeans.

– for colors.

Watch The Full Dashboard Design Tutorial

– Dashboard Description

this dashboard contains a menu on the left side where you can display the application name and/or logo plus labels to allow the user to navigate the application ( if you have more forms ).

JAVA Dashboard Design - Menu

here you can show to the user some keys analytics in the for the application.

we will use panels and labels.

you can useĀ to get some color ideas.

JAVA Dashboard Design - Analytics

at the bottom of the dashboard you can show messages / notifications to the application users to inform them if there is a problem or a message is left by someone.

we will use panel and labels.

JAVA Dashboard Design - Notifications
the final result

Dashboard Design In Java Netbeans

if you want the source code click on the download button below


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JAVA – Dashboard Design In Netbeans
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