Goldman Sachs Internship Process Prepare

Goldman Sachs Internship Process

Goldman Sachs Internship Process and interview questions


Eligibility: 5 CPI or above

Branches allowed: B Tech – All

Job Profile: Summer Analyst

Job Location: Bangalore

Stipend:  1,00,000 per month

Provision of PPO: Yes(based on performance)


This round was conducted on hacker rank. It was of 150 min comprising of two 2 sections. Each section had around 15 questions. First section was quant section that included questions related to probability and stochastic processes and mainly aimed to check grasp on quantitative knowledge and discrete and combinatorial mathematics and one(or two) question of HR too. Second section was of Tech section that included basic questions of computer science including data structures, object oriented, language based(C) etc.  There were 3 coding questions in this section. One was very easy, another was easy to moderate and third was moderate to tough(i think it had error).


Same day, at night shortlist came out and 10 out of 400+ students were

shortlisted. In the morning another shortlist consisting 20 more names came

out too. Two rounds of interviews were there. Both were judging technical skills

of candidates. My first interview went better than expected. 

Round 1: Interviewer knew me beforehand as he was there in Pre-Placement talk and i

asked him questions in person. I drove the interview more towards project and

development. He asked me about the things I had explored since first year. I told him about

machine learning, mobile app development, game automation society. He took an interest in

game automation and asked about it. Then he moved on to asking a simple puzzle. Link:- Then he asked some bookish

definitions of data structure tree,binary tree,binary search tree, graph,etc. Then at last told

me to write a code for bottom view of a binary tree. We had little discussion over it. It lasted

for around an hour.

Round 2:  

To my surprise, the interviewer asked to tell him about myself different than what I had written in

resume. Then he asked me an algorithmic problem(DP). There are two arrays one is filled with

numbers and other is blank(nothing not even zero). I had to take minimum operation to make the

blank array equal to the given array. Allowed operations were multiply by 2(needs to be applied to all

the elements of array) and increment by 1(can be applied to individual element). Then he asked to

merge two lists one sorted in ascending order other in descending order to a list sorted in ascending



Same day Evening, result came. 10 students including me got selected for GS Internship. 

Suggestions/Tips: –

  • Keep calm and Be confident at what you deliver.
  • You need not be a rigorous coder to get to the interviews of company like GS. Prepare steadily for 3-4 months on interview specific platform.
  • Have some projects in your bucket so that you can drive your interview your way
  • Talk to interviewer unless he stops to while writing code or thinking solution of a problem. Make it a discussion rather than Viva.

                                                                                                        Kunal Sevkani

                                                                                                        B Tech CSE 2K21


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Goldman Sachs Internship Process
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