Gnyapagam Irukkudha Song Lyrics With English Translation 2021

Gnyapagam Irukkudha Song Lyrics With English Translation 2021


Singers: Sujatha and Unni Krishnan

Music by: Deva

Male: Gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Female: …………………

Male: Gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Unnai kalai mudhal maalai varai
There are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?

Female: Ennai niththamoru aadai pottu
Paarkka vanthu ponathu gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Male: Unnai thotta thendralukkum
There are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?

Female: Vikal varum neramellaam
Vanthu pogum enthan peru gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Male: Poo vaiththathu gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Female: Wanthu poovaginaen gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Male: Gnyapagam irukkuthaa gnyapagam irukkuthaa

Male: Please help me
Poi ondru solvenae gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Female: Poi sollum azhgai naan
Anbodu rasippaenae gnyapagam irukkuthaa

Male: Ennaatha podhu vanthu naan
Engaeyum killuvaen
Female: Un tholil naanum saanthuthaan
Thullamal thulluvaen

Male: Adi poovukkenna vaasam thaanga baaramaa
Female: This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications
Male: Idhu kadhal varamthaanammaa… .aa… .aa.
Gnyapagam irukkuthaa gnyapagam irukkuthaa

Female: ………………

Female: Nee vaiththa maruthaani
Azhiyaamal kaaththaenae gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Male: dhinam vanthu adhai kaatti
Thiththikka seithaayae gnyapagam irukkuthaa

Female: Nenjodu oonjal aaduvaen gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Male: Sollaamal yaedho theduvaen gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Female: Nammodu vantha thendral koda vaerkkuthu
Male: Vannangal poosi vaanavillum thottarathu
Female: Uyirodu uravaaduthu… .oo.

Male: Gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Antha tajmahal pakkam vaiththu
There are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?
Female: Antha shajakaanum neeyendru
I’m sorry to hear that

Male: Contact Sikkeduththu
Ennai kaatti pottaththu gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Female: Pottu vaikka naanum unthan
Etchil thottu vaiththathu gnyapagam irukkuthaa

Male: Aarambamum gnyapagam irukkuthaa
Female: Kadhal uyir thanthathu gnyapagam irukkuthaa

Female: .

Singers: Sujatha and Unni Krishnan

Composer: Deva

Male : Remember
Female: ………………………

Male : Remember
Make yourself from morning to evening
Do you remember waiting and watching?

Female: Put me in a perpetual dress
Do you remember coming to see?
Male : For the breeze that touches you
Do you remember when I lost sleep?

Female: Every time the hiccups come
Do you remember who was coming?
Male : Put the flower Remember
Female: Do you remember when I came and blossomed?
Male : Do you remember? Do you remember?

Male : I dye on you
Remember to tell a lie?
Girl : I am the beauty of lying
Remember to enjoy it with love

Male : I come when not counting
I will pinch anywhere
Female: I leaned on your shoulder too
I will jump without jumping

Male : Parama to bear the scent of feet flower
Female: Is this the scripture you say to love?
Male : இது காதல் வரம் தானம்மா ம்மா ஆ… ..ஆ …… ..
Remember or not

Female: ………………………

Female: The henna you put on
Remember the immortal Cathene
Male : The day came and it showed
Do you remember what made you tick?

Female: Remember swinging heartily
Male : Remember looking for something without saying
Female: Even the breeze that came with us was sweating
Male : The colors were painted and the rainbow appeared
Female: உயிரோடு உறவாடுது… ..ஊ… ..

Male : Remember
Put that on the Taj Mahal page
Do you remember I saw you too?
Female: That Shah Jahan is you too
Do you remember what I told you?

Male : With tangled hair
Do you remember what tied me up
Female: I also want to put the pot
Remember touching the saliva

Male : Remember the beginning
Female: Do you remember when love came to life?

Female: ………………………


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