Citicorp Internship Process Prepare

Citicorp Internship Process

Citicorp Internship Interview Questions


Branches Allowed : All

Intern Designation : City Analyst

Eligibility : 5 CPI and above

Stipend : 40,000 per month (+ 2 way airfare)

Provision of PPO : Yes (CTC, if offered : 13.7 LPA)


It was an online test which comprised of various sections namely Aptitude, English, MCQs related to DBMS/SQL, debugging problems and two coding problems. Most of the problems were easy/moderate level if you have a firm grip on any programming language.

The coding problems were of average difficulty. If one of the coding problems is solved and the MCQ section is fairly good, you’d get through this round.


Technical Interview :

questions were mainly from Java(since I had that in my resume). My resume was thoroughly went through before asking questions. The basic idea of this round was to test my knowledge with the Java Standard Libraries and their usage. The questions were not difficult per se but what the interviewer was looking for was how many different ways do I know to solve the same problem and if I knew which among them was the most efficient. There was a brief discussion regarding my projects which were mentioned in my resume as well.

Technical cum HR Interview :

Again, it started off with questions coming from my resume(technical questions) which were a bit more general than the first PI. They were basically trying to judge my attention to detail, as the questions were quite easy. The HR part of the interview focused on my attitude and my confidence level. I was given a scenario and asked what my response would be in it. This was mainly a test of my pressure handling ability and the interviewer was trying to gain perspective into my thought process. This was the most important of all interview rounds and also the shortest one.


HR interview :

It was just a formality after the HR+Technical interview and had all the standard HR questions like Why do you want to join this company etc. Your communication skills and confidence was being judged here. Questions were asked around the “hobbies” section of my resume, so If you’re putting that section in, I’d advice you to put only genuine hobbies and relevant ones( I was asked questions about a certain book because I wrote non fiction novels in hobbies).


10 students including me got selected for the Intern analyst role at Citicorp.


1. It was not a very difficult company to crack. Confidence is the key all along in all the interview rounds. The first one judging your technical ability and the second one judging if you’re fit for the company.

2. As for the online test, it was not difficult. Precision and basic programming knowledge will get you through it.

3. Try to remain confident at all times and you’re halfway there.

Avichal Ranglani ECE Batch of 2021


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Citicorp Internship Process
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