Cisco Internship Process Prepare

Cisco Internship Process

Cisco Internship Interview questions


CPI cut-off : 6.5 and above

Branches allowed : CSE,IT,ECE, EE

Job Profile : Software Development Intern

Job Location : Bangalore/Chennai/Pune

Stipend : 70,000 INR per month

Provision of PPO : Yes ( CTC = 31.77 LPA )       



It was an online test of 1 hour hosted on hackerearth consisting of 2 sections. First section had a coding question and second section had 14 MCQs mostly on Computer Networks. The coding question was of moderate standard.

18 students were shortlisted for further rounds.


Technical Interview Round 1 

In this round I was asked to solve some coding questions mostly based on dynamic programming , BFS and DFS. I was also asked to improve time complexity in some problems. Then I was asked some basic questions on Operating System and Computer Networks. Some of them are:-

1. What is thrashing ?

2. What is page fault and how can we handle page fault ?

3. Which is better TCP or UDP ?

I was also asked a couple of questions on Object oriented programming concepts which were quite easy.

Technical Interview Round 2 

This round was mainly focused on my resume and projects. SInce my last internship was about setting up micro cloud using Kubernetes and docker, he asked me some basic questions about orchestration and containerization. He told me to give real life examples on containerization. Then I was asked to explain one of my projects listed in the resume. He also discussed some of the latest technologies with me and asked for my views. This round was quite an interactive one.


HR Interview Round 

The interview starts with the usual questions like “Tell me something about yourself ?”. Then the interviewer asked me about my weaknesses and hobbies. She further asked me to suggest some good places to visit in the city. I was finally asked about “the job location i would prefer to go and why?”.


5 students including me got selected for the internship role at Cisco.

Suggestions/Tips :-

1. If you have any idea of the question asked just gave it a try, they just want to see the approach you used to solve a problem.

2. Do your research about the company properly before interview.

3. If you don’t have any idea of the question or you can’t recall it, say it directly.

4. Solving 1 coding question completely is recommended but do attempt other question partially so that chances of shortlisting are more. 

CSE Batch of 2021


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Cisco Internship Process
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