[Solution] Tubular Bells solution codeforces

Tubular Bells solution codeforces Do you know what tubular bells are? They are a musical instrument made up of cylindrical metal tubes. In an orchestra, tubular bells are used to mimic the ringing of bells. Mike has tubular bells, too! They consist of nn tubes, and each of the tubes has a length that can be expressed by a integer from ll to rr inclusive. It … Read more

[Solution] Rescue Niwen! solution codeforces

Rescue Niwen! solution codeforces After crossing the Windswept Wastes, Ori has finally reached the Windtorn Ruins to find the Heart of the Forest! However, the ancient repository containing this priceless Willow light did not want to open! Ori was taken aback, but the Voice of the Forest explained to him that the cunning Gorleks had decided to add protection to … Read more

[Solution] Two Hundred Twenty One (hard version) solution codeforces

Two Hundred Twenty One (hard version) solution codeforces This is the hard version of the problem. The difference between the versions is that the hard version does require you to output the numbers of the rods to be removed. You can make hacks only if all versions of the problem are solved. Stitch likes experimenting with different machines with his … Read more