BrahMos Interview Experience – 2020 Prepare

BrahMos Interview Experience – 2020

BrahMos Interview Experience and questions

Name: Jayshankar Kumar

Branch: Electronics & Communication Engineering 

Organization: BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. 

Brief description: 

The BrahMos is a World’s fastest medium range ramjet supersonic cruise missile (speed around Mach 3) having land, ships, submarines and aircraft variants. It’s a joint venture between the India’s DRDO (50.5%) and the Russian federation’s NPOM (49.5%), who together have formed BrahMos Aerospace. Currently BrahMos-II is under development which is a hypersonic cruise missile (speed around Mach 7).Several other organizations like L&T, Godrej etc work along with BrahMos to construct major parts of the end product. 

Eligible Branches: ECE & ME. They also shortlisted top five students of EE. 

CTC offered: 14.12 lpa 

Job Profile: System Engineer (3 year service bond along with a bond of secrecy) 

Job Location: 6 months training in DRDO lab Delhi, and different centers of Brahmos (May be abroad too for some duration). 

Stipend during training Period: Rs 30,000 per month

Campus Visit Date: 21-01-2020 

Selection Process: 

1) Direct short listing on the basis of CPI (above 8). 15 students were shortlisted in this step. 

2) After Pre-Placement talk, a form was asked to fill up which was a kind of substitute of Resume. It contains: 

a) Personal Details

b) Educational Qualifications 

c) Final year project (Title, Mentor’s name and a brief description) 

d) Practical Training (If Yes, then name of organization and Training Duration) 

e) Extra Curricular Activities. 

3) Interview Round: 

Only one interview (HR + Tech) round by a panel of three distinguished persons – 2 scientists for technical and 1 from the Navy from HR. 

Interview Experience:

Separate interview for ECE and ME were conducted .My interview lasted around 45-50 mins.They started from the HR questions: 

➢ They started from my name. They told your name is Jayshankar, it’s very famous name. I replied them yes sir, I know. 

➢ They told it’s very popular name, do you know I replied yes sir, foreign minister of our country s. Jaishankar, writer of Kamayani Jayshankar Prasad. 

➢ Then, they told it looks like you are from south India I replied them No, Sir I am from birth place of maa Janki, Sitamarhi, Bihar. 

➢ They look at semester wise performance and told you went from 7.13 to 9.48, 9.44 like this, it looks amazing. I replied yes sir; it’s my hard work and passion towards Electronics. 

➢ They also asked about family members and appreciated me about my different activities and achievements, mainly technical.

The panelist who was asking HR questions kept the earphone in his ears which was clear indication that the remaining time is going to be technical. 

Technical Interview: 

My final year project was FPGA based 8-bit RISC Processor and it’s implementation on Spartan-3E kit. So they asked:- 

➢ What is FPGA? Also tell it’s full form. 

➢ How FPGA is different from CPLD? 

➢ What are the different types of Processor?

I replied them depending upon ISA – RISC and CISC. 

➢ What is RISC processor? Tell it’s full form. 

➢ How RISC is different from CISC? Give the example of CISC and RISC Processor. I replied Intel *86 series are CISC and ARM Processors and mainly in Mobile phone processors are RISC .they want specific name of processor ,I replied core i3 and particular RISC processors name is not coming into my mind. 

➢ Which CISC Processor is currently used? 

➢ Draw the different components of Processor by block diagram?

I showed only CPU components, but they asked interfacing devices as well. Then I did that also. 

➢ Asked about ALU operations and their circuits? 

➢ Design the circuit of 3-bit counter? I asked sir asynchronous or Synchronous. 

➢ They appreciated and told good! And asked what the difference between asynchronous and synchronous counter is. 

➢ Why Synchronous counter is faster than Asynchronous.

Some more technical questions that were asked are :-

What is Modulation? And what is the need of modulation? 

Name the frequency band used for microwave communication. Tell it’s range also. 

→ What are the transponders? Where they are used? 

→ Why transponders send the different frequency? 

→ Draw the circuit of 3 inputs Opamp? And derive the transfer function. 

→ Draw the circuit of difference amplifier? And tell it’s characteristics. 

→ Why and where difference amplifiers are used? 

→ Tell the different properties of Opamp. They asked all the properties by practical point of view. I replied all the answers by internal circuit of Opamp. 

→ Describe the bandwidth of amplifier by their frequency response characteristics? 

As one can see that they started from project and covered almost all the core subjects. Whole interview process was very smooth and was conducted in very friendly manner. During interview by listening only few words, I started to answer when I understood the questions, since I thought they have finished the questions, so they told you are absolutely right but please listen calmly and don’t rush the things. So, during interview please give the proper time while answering. 


Sometimes I was telling the answers in more detail, they told answer specifically and shortly. So, my suggestion is to have straight forward approach in giving answers. Be confident in front of them and make the interview session interactive and answer the questions by practical point of view by examples and block diagrams. By my answers they appreciated me during whole interview, so answer accordingly in more practical way rather than just telling the definition. And in last I asked some questions from them about missile technology and other things. 

Only one student is selected every year(except in year 2019 when it didn’t visited) among shortlisted candidates, so give your best.

Result Date: 24-01-2020

ECE Batch of 2020


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BrahMos Interview Experience – 2020
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