Best free Dummy File Generator software for Windows 10

Best free Dummy File Generator software for Windows 10

This post covers some best free Dummy File Generator software for Windows 10. These tools can help you generate a sample file or fake file having the size in MBs, GBs, etc., quickly and easily. If you want some large test files, these fake file generator tools might be helpful. You can also set file type (say PDF, TXT, etc.) using most of these tools.

dummy file generator software

Though Windows 10 OS also comes with a feature to generate dummy test files using Command Prompt, for those looking for free third-party tools, this post can come in handy.

Best Dummy File Generator software for Windows 10

We have covered 5 free Dummy File Generator tools in this post. These are:

  1. Dummy File Creator
  2. Create Dummy Files
  3. Blank File Generator
  4. Random Data File Creator
  5. DummyFileCreator.

Let’s check these tools.

1] Dummy File Creator

Dummy File Creator

Dummy File Creator lets you create a single dummy file as well as multiple dummy files together. For creating dummy files in batch, you have to create a text file that contains the path of files, file type, and their sizes. The good thing is this tool also provides a Batch List Sample file that will help you create a batch file to generate multiple test files in one go. Its file generation process is also fast. You can also set file type (like TXT or PDF) for the output file.

You can grab this tool from You can download its portable or installer version. After that, open the interface of this tool. Select a mode (single mode or multiple files mode). If you are creating a single dummy file, then you need to add file size and output folder. Finally, press the Create button and it will create and store a dummy file in the output folder.

2] Create Dummy Files

Create Dummy Files

Create Dummy Files tool also come with the features to create a single dummy file and create dummy files in batch. For the second option, you need to provide file path, file size, file size type (B, GB, MB, or KB), and file name one by one, and use Add File Top List button to add those files for creation. After that, you need to press Create Files(s) button to generate test files.

This tool also lets you set file attributes like archive, hidden file, read-only, and system. The tool works well. The only problem is file creation process is too slow. It can take a lot of minutes or hours for generating files in GBs.

You can get this tool from Grab its zip file, extract that file, and run the Create_Dummy_File executable file. After opening its interface, set file size, file size type, file attributes, output folder, etc., and use Create button to generate the dummy file(s).

3] Blank File Generator

Blank File Generator

Blank File Generator is a very useful tool that you generate large test files within minutes. This tool also comes with some handy options. For example, you can set the block size (1 byte, 256 MB, 512 KB, etc.) to generate a dummy file. The higher the block size, the lesser will be the time to create your test file. It also lets you set file contents (random, null byte, space, and filled byte) using the available drop-down menu.

Download this tool from Install this tool and launch it. This tool requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to install successfully. If that is not available on your computer, then it also provides the option to download and automatically install .NET Framework 3.5 on your computer.

On its interface, there are self-explanatory options. For example, you can use the Browse button to set file name and file extension, and location to save your dummy file. File size, block size, and file content options are also there.

4] Random Data File Creator

Random Data File Creator tool

Random Data File Creator is a command-line tool that can help you create EXE, PDF, TXT, or other format dummy files easily. You can use it with Command Prompt window to generate a large sample file in any folder of your choice.

Download its ZIP file from website. Extract that ZIP file and you will see an rdfc EXE file. Now open Command Prompt window and drag n drop the rdfc file on it. After that, continue the command by adding output file path including file name and file extension, file size (say 1 GB, 2 GB, etc.), and file unit (GB, KB, etc.).

So, let’s say you want to generate a 2 GB sample PDF file on the desktop using this tool. So, the command would be:

Rdfc.exe “C:UsersusernameDesktopsample.pdf” 2 GB

Execute the command and it will begin the process. Once the process is completed, you can use the output dummy file.

5] DummyFileCreator

DummyFileCreator tool

DummyFileCreator is a portable and one of the simple tools to generate large size dummy files. It comes with a tiny interface using which you can create a single dummy file or multiple dummy files. You can also select file type (like EXE, PDF, etc.) for the output file(s).

Get its ZIP file from Extract the ZIP file that you downloaded and execute the DummyFileCreator EXE file. Its interface will be in front of you.

Now you can select the destination folder, give the file name including the file extension, set file size, and file unit. If you want, you can also set the number of files that you want to generate or leave it to create only a single. Finally, hit the Create File button, and it will start creating the output file.

Hope these tools are useful for you.

dummy file generator software


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Best free Dummy File Generator software for Windows 10
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