Back to Back Testing with Definition, Example and Steps Prepare Interview

Back to Back Testing with Definition, Example and Steps

Testing Basic Interview Questions : Back to Back Testing with Definition, Example and Steps

to Back Testing
is a type of Software Testing in
which two or more variants of a component are always tested with similar inputs
and their corresponding outputs are compared and examine in case of any
discrepancies that may exists in future. Back
to Back Testing
is a testing process in which events that are associated
with it are defined and examined properly.

This testing always involves cross-comparison of
entire responses that are always obtained from functionally equivalent software
components. In this testing whenever
a difference is determined/observed it is measured and if essential a
correction is applied too.
Somerville 1998 defined Back to Back
Testing in his own way because he said this testing is always used
when several/various versions of a system/application exist for testing.
According to him in this testing all versions are tested with similar
set of tests and then the results are always compared for some
system/application problems if any issue exists.
Example of Back to Back Testing
Best example for doing this testing is to always test two versions of a component with similar inputs and then
comparing the outputs. And further outputs are examined if there are any sort
of discrepancies occurs. For example software that exists in ATM centers their
outputs should be same with same inputs without bothering how the data is
examined at the back end.
Steps for doing Back to Back Testing
Below is given some steps that may carry
out during Back to Back Testing.
1. First step is that in which specific
purpose set of test cases is always prepared.
2. Now using these test cases we can run
the different system/application versions and store the results in different
3. Final step of this testing is to perform
the automatic comparison of the results stored in different files and then
generate the Difference Report.
Some people do not know about Difference
Report means what it is all about, so below is given the definition of
Difference Report which clears its definition.
Difference Report is that which always
indicates the system/application problem that may exists among the different
system versions.
Please keep one thing in mind that this
very famous testing technique can be very cost effective for new
application/system especially for those application which has undergone some
major modifications.
This is all I know about Back to Back Testing and if you know
some more better points in this testing than you can definitely discuss your
thoughts in below comments section so that others can make benefit from your
points. And your feedback are always welcomed regarding this post.


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Back to Back Testing with Definition, Example and Steps
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