Amazon Internship Process Prepare

Amazon Internship Process

Amazon Internship Interview Questions


Eligibility: 5.0 and above

Branches allowed: All

Job Profile: Software Development Engineer(Intern)

Stipend:  45,000 per month



The duration of the contest was 90 minutes. The contest consists of 10-15 Aptitude questions of varying difficulty, 5 error removal problems and 2 Coding questions. The questions were:


1. Given a matrix with sorted rows and columns and you have to search an element.

2. The second question was similar to rat maze problem (you can find it on gfg).

Given a square  matrix of order n and we have to reach the destination (n-1,n-1) from (0,0) with allowable directions as :UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT. The backtracking approach will do the work.
I have solved almost all the questions.


1. It was easy-medium ad-hoc type question.

2. This was based on round-robin scheduling implementation.

50+ students made it to interviews after additional shortlists.



Technical Interview :

The interview started with a brief discussion on one of my project. I have used some APIs in it so he just asked about it. Then the next thing was questions on DS and Algo. The questions were :-

1. Find intersection point of two linked list. 

2. Find repeating elements from an array using only constant memory space.

3. Find if a BT is BST. 

4. Convert a given Tree to its sumTree. ( Here interviewer wanted me to write a solution other than what is given on gfg and then he asked to write the corner cases where the algo might fail. )


1.Don’t get stuck if you are not coming to the the solution rather ask for some hints.

2.When interviewer asks some very straightforward and easy question, don’t say that you haven’t solved this earlier(if asked) coz this creates trust issues. I was caught in this situation and I almost messed up.

                                                                                              Ashwini Ojha

                                                                                             ECE Batch of 2021


Surprisingly enough, there was only a single interview round.  

Technical Interview :

The interviewer was very frank and made me speak in Hindi even though I was comfortable in English. After the formalities, he wanted to know my interests. I told him that DS & Algo were my favorite subjects and that I invested a lot of time in competitive programming. I mentioned my projects (Java,Django) but he was not interested in asking questions related to them. He asked for my Codeforces Handle and looked it up online. Then, he asked me my favorite topics in competitive programming. Without thinking, I replied that it doesn’t matter and that I don’t feel weak or strong in any particular topic.

From here on, you can assume a sense of overexcitement had taken over me as he seemed impressed with my codeforces handle. For context, he asked me if I could code insert functionality for an AVL tree and I almost instantaneously replied with a Yes. But then, on realizing that writing a full error-free code for AVL tree was perhaps not as easy as one might think, not to mention long tasks like these are not ideal for interviews since they would involve patience and low interaction, I instead convinced him of explaining it to him instead of writing it down. Then, I was asked about Inheritance and master method. 

He then gave me the following question: ” Given a grid, with a few cells numbered 1 to n as capital cells (Imagine these cells as cities), find out the nearest capital cell for each cell (for all 8 directions, 1 unit = next cell in that direction) “

I wrote down a multisource bfs solution without any visited array(he asked for that specifically. The grid itself will act like the visited array in the solution ) .

 Suggestions: – 

1. Know some stats about the company you’re in for.

2. Don’t make assumptions about problem statements. Ask about constraints, time limit and boundary cases.

3. Don’t freeze in an interview as this creates a negative impact on the interviewer.

4. Know your resume and mention only those things which you can explain properly.

5. Be confident in technical interviews and discuss each and every detail like time limit and memory limit of your proposed solution.

                                                                                              CSE Batch of 2021

Result :

16 students including Ashwini and Prakhar got selected for Internship at Amazon.


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Amazon Internship Process
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