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Technical Interview Questions
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Technical Questions , Technical Support


Below are few Technical Support related interview questions which is frequently asked in interview.This Technical Support questions are only meant for Technical Support skilled candidates.

Please send us if you have different interview questions.



1) What is a stored procedure?
2) What is a trigger?

Novell (server)

1) How do you see different Novell servers from a Console prompt?
2) What is the autoexec.ncf?
3) What is RIP/SAP?
4) How do you bind the IPX protocol to a card? IP protocol?


1) What utility would you use if you were having problems with you NDS
2) What is the order of loading drivers to connect a (dos client) to a
Novell 4.1 network?
3) What are 2 ways to allow NT workstations user to access Novell
4) What utility would you use to recover a deleted file?


1) What is a PDC?
2) How do you configure a WINS server?
3) What application would you use to monitor connections?
4) How would you create a directory share?

5) How would you change environment variables in NT?
6) When a blue Screen with the message "STOP:0x0000007b Inaccessible
Boot Device" What do you think the cause could be ?
7) You need to start a service on a machine across a WAN link. The
Machine is not on your domain , but you do know the administrator
password , the name of the machine and the IP address. Explain what
steps you would take to start this service ( WAN link connected by
8) This Line is in the Boot.ini. Explain what this line does.
Multi(0)Disk(0)Risk(0)Partition(1)WinNT "Windows NT Ver. 4.0 "
/MAXMEM:24 /DEBUG /Debugport:com1 /SOS
9) What Registry Key would you need to change to effect the Browser
10) If you need to find an IP address of a machine how would you
accomplish this?!


1) What is an Ethernet switch ?

2) What is the difference between bridging and routing?
3) What is the difference between IPX and IP. Which protocol is more
efficient. Why?
4) What is a jabber? What is a runt?
5) What are valid ranges for class a, b and c addresses?
6) What is a three bit subnet mask on a class c network look like?
(x.x.x.x) How many networks does this give you and how many hosts?


1) What pins are used for transmit and receive in an RS-232 cable?
2) What is colors/pins do you use on a frame-relay circuit? T-1 circuit?
3) What is the difference between a parallel and serial cable?
4) What is a 110 block? What is a 66 block?



1) What is tip and ring?
2) How do you identify an analog phone number without knowing the phone
3) What is an ARD circuit?
4) What is a T-1? What speed is a T-1?
5) What is ISDN? What does bonding mean?

Wide Area Networking

1) How do you show a serial interface configuration in a Cisco router?
2) What is IGRP?
3) What is a firewall?
4) What does ARP stand for and how does it work?

UNIX/SA programming

1) How do you take a single line of input from the user in a shell
2) What does this command do?
cd /somedir ; tar cvf - . | ( cd /someotherdir ; tar xvf - )
3) In an environment where we use Sun's YP network information service,
how do you find out someone's user name given that you know their real
4) Write a script to convert all DOS style backslashes to UNIX style
slashes in a list of files.
5) Write a regular expression (sed script) to replace all occurrences of the letter 'f', followed by any number of characters, followed by the letter 'a', followed by one or more numeric characters, followed by the letter 'n', and replace what's found with the string "UNIX".
6) Write a script to list all the differences between two directories.
7) Write a program in any language you choose, to reverse a file.
8) What are the fields of the password file?
9) What does a plus at the beginning of a line in the password file
10 ) What file does Solaris use to obviate this mechanism?
11) Using the man pages, find the correct ioctl to send console output
to an arbitrary pty.
12) What is a MX record?
13) What is the prom command on a Sun that shows the SCSI devices?
14) What is the factory default SCSI target for /dev/sd0?
15) Where is that value controlled?
16) What happens to a child process that dies and has no parent process
to wait for it and what's bad about this?
17) What's wrong with sendmail?
18) What can you do about that?
19) What command do you run to check file system consistency?
20) What's wrong with running shutdown on a network?
21) What can be wrong with setuid scripts?
22) What language allows you to script interactive command execution
and what command does it use to create child processes running sessions?
23) What value does spawn return?
24) Write a script to send mail from three other machines on the network to root at the machine you're on. Use a 'here doc', but include in the mail message the name of the machine the mail is sent from and the disk utilization statistics on each machine?
25) Why can't root just cd to someone's home directory and run a program called a.out sitting there by typing "a.out", and why is this good?

26) What is the difference between UDP and TCP?
27) What is DNS?
28) What does nslookup do?
29) How do you create a swapfile?
30) How would you check the route table on a workstation/server?
31) How do you find which ypmaster you are bound to?
32)How do you fix a problem where a printer will cutoff anything over
33) What is the largest file system size in solaris? SunOS?
34) What is ODS?
35) What are the different RAID levels?