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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 6:35 pm 

Technical interview:[TCS walk in at Mumbai on 22th August]

Tell me about urself?
Why TCS?
Do u know about contract and the fine of 50000?
Why did u come to Mumbai?
What is ur ideal job?
what is job satisfaction?
Tell me about ur project?
Why did u use .net in ur project?
What was the most annoying thing while doing the project?
What did u like about ur project?
Are u willing to work for long hrs if required?
What is the difference between ‘truncate’ and ‘delete’ in sql/oracle?
In the log file,delete entries are shown , truncate entries are not shown – true/false and why?
Willing to go abroad if required?
Explain ur NIIT projects
What are ur favourite subjects?
do u know linux
do u know java,
Advantages of using java,
Explain Software development life cycle.
are u working somewhere?
why do u want to shift?
name some Sorting techniques
write a program on bubble sort.

HR interview( a panel of 2 , they were very sweet, a lady and a man)

tell me abt urself?
Family background?
Know abt contract?
Extra working hrs if required?
willing to go abroad if required?
Have a passport?
What is ur favourite phase in s/w dev life cycle and why?
If ur a team leader and want to introduce some changes but the team members do not agree , what do u do?
are u adaptable?
If ur client has different ideas, how will u convince him?
Preference of job location
any personal weaknesses?

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